The Hugger 60l backpack

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Designed as a merge between roomy duffle bag and smart backpack, it is favored by skiers who bring a lot of training gear to the mountain. The whole bag opens in one single motion, giving easy access to whatever is needed – almost like having your own little cargo container on the mountain. Being twice the size of its brother Hugger 30L, the Hugger 60L also makes the perfect weekend getaway bag

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This product is no longer in stock

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Details : The lightweight design and smart features makes the Hugger 60L super handy to bring around. The optional shoulder straps allow the bag to be converted into a backpack for transportation. And when not in use, the shoulder straps easily tuck away behind the back plate, leaving a smooth bag with no straps hanging around. The Hookup system fully integrates the Hugger with the Douchebag and the Big Bastard, turning the two products into one single unit. This takes weight off human shoulders and in stead places it over wheels, enabling a lighter travel experience.

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