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Accumulator evo men's base layer bottom
  • Accumulator evo men's base layer bottom

Ref : XBUB019120

Accumulator evo men's base layer bottom



The Energy Accumulator® EVO is the result of a goldsmith's work. The overall concept is not changed, but every detail is tweaking to perfection. It is by optimizing the different elements that the whole system is improved. The Energy Accumlator® has already revolutionized the world of technical clothing, it is much more of an evolution. In high performance sport, only a few thousandths of a second decide on a victory or a failure. Every seam must be perfect. Supporting the athlete optimally, whatever the situation, was the premise of the development phase. Today almost everything changed in the Energy Accumulator®: the zones at the level of the shoulders were redefined, the areas of compression were widened, the zones of joints were reinforced, the channels recalculated, ... ISO-Shoulder ™ 50% additional thermal storage AirConditioning Channel® 30% fresh air plus AirComPlex-Zone over belly 144 cm2 additional insulation X-Impact technology: Better performance thanks to metered compression, reduced 3D muscle vibration -BionicSphere® System in the wider 1.25 mm dosAirGuides ™ 3D-BionicSphere® system on the coccyxExpansionRibs ™ 6 additional chambers Materials 90% Polyamide 7% Polypropylene 3% Elastane

The X-BIONIC® Energy Accumulator® is the result of more than 10 years of work. Each year bringing more performance. Each year comes with additional rewards. Currently, it boasts 15 renowned international design and performance awards. It is the best performing underwear on the market.