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Ref : TNBSH22115

Mach1 MV Concept TD Ski boots


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The new Mach1 MV Concept TD is all about speed. It wants to go fast, build power and hit every trail. Designed for skiers with medium-sized feet, the Mach1 MV Concept sets a new standard for performance, fit and customization. In addition to the traditional benefits of the Mach1 MV collection, the MV Concept boot boosts performance with 130 flex, a customizable CAS tongue and a carbon co-injected collar. TDrive technology ensures a perfect connection between the collar and the shell, guaranteeing improved power transmission of the boot, progressive flex and increased energy efficiency to ski longer, with less fatigue. It also offers more precision in changing temperatures. Demanding skiers will appreciate the asymmetry of the shell for more efficient transmission and precision in the turn. Make no mistake, with the Mach1 MV Concept TD, you are still the boss. Put on your shoes and go on an adventure.
Customization Liner: C.A.S. Customization Shell: C.A.S. Soles: ISO 5355 Bi-Material Shell: PU - Quick Instep Cuff: Carbon co-injected Liner: HIGH PERFORMANCE-Full C.A.S. - Floating tongue - C.A.S. Tongue pre-mounted -C.A.S. instep-Fiberglass Buckles: Mach1 buckles, Lift Lock Spoiler: Velcro Spoiler Powerstrap: 45mm strap - Power Lock Canting: Double canting screwed Gripwalk: Option
  • Ground - Slope
  • Ski Level - Expert
  • Last - 100
  • Flex - 130
  • Programme - Piste Performance
  • Mode marche - Non
  • Insert Dyn - Non
  • Grip Walk - Option