List of products by manufacturer Dahu

The first prototypes of the shoe DAHU were for the wife of the founder of the brand , and realize the depths of his garage. He decided to sell his creations that meet the expectations of most skiers today.
  • These are just a few adjectives to describe the Monsieur Ed. An uncompromising boot that offers unparalleled comfort to top-performing skiers. An explosive design for a high-end model.

    567,88 €
  • With its simple and attractive design, the Numero 7 is an all-time favorite. Strong and comfortable, this long-lasting boot never disappoints. Easy to wear with its tightening strap, it offers a medium flex to entice all types of skiers.

    480,38 €
  • Miss Suzie is a versatile, responsive and shapely boot that provides comfort and energy in your skiing. This is the quintessential DAHU boot: suitable for the slopes and flat land, this boot is stylish, comfortable and responsive. The boot all skiers want on their feet.

    480,38 €
  • With a wonderful design and sober thanks to its deep black color, Dahu numéro 7 seduces immediately and universally. Resistant and comfortable , it has a long life and its skiability, comfort and warmth never disappoint

    611,63 €
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    The Fireball Strap is an accessory designed for experienced skiers.The simple and effective Fireball Strap improves the connection between the boot and the shell for even greater performance. Your movements then become more precise, and your power increases tenfold. An absolute must for the most demanding skiers!

    39,29 € -20% 31,43 €
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