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24 October 2020

Make your own custom ski boots at Snow Emotion

Never have sore feet again when skiing: Make yourself 100% thermoformed boots, adapted to your anatomy but also to your level and the way you ski.

Specially designed for you, your shoes can be reshaped up to 5 times!

Beginner or expert, gain in comfort, sensation and precision thanks to the Vacuum revolution.

Vacuum is the first and only technology that allows you to customize the liner and shell of your shoes according to your anatomy. Guaranteed 100% custom-made, the process acts on the entire shoe, where the usual possibilities of working in deformation would only allow to act on the two lateral faces of the bottom of the shell. Vacuum alone, allows to work on the whole shoe, especially up to the tibia.

The realization of a pair of custom-made ski boots requires to be available at the store for 2 hours. Our team takes the time to make your boots according to your request and your needs.


Thanks for your trust!

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