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    The spine VPD 2.0 Airbag vest has been developed specifically for Ski Cross and Alpine racers and has been approved for use in both disciplines by FIS. The Airbag provides a wide-spanning protection of the neck, chest, spine, abdomen and hips and offers up to more than 4 times better absorption capacity compared to an standard back protection.

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  • The Shins Classic Jr is made from durable HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) plastic and protects shins and boots from impact with ski gates. Silicone printed EVA padding and straps with hook attachment simplifies putting it on and taking it off. Cutting marks to adjust length.

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  • The POCito vest is identical to the adult VPD vest but without the waistband.The back-protector-concept is made of VPd that gives a high level of protection as wellas a unique capability to adapt its shape to your body. Sizes: S or L,

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  • Dorsal POC lightweight and aerated, containing 3 layers of back protector. Meets Level 1 standards (1621-2).

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  • Protective shorts that provide a high level of protection for your tailbone and hips. Hip VPD 2.0 ski shorts allow for great freedom of movement due its slim profile and VPD adapts to the shape of your body, but when exposed to impact, the material stiffens and has extreme impact absortion properties.

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  • Closed protections used by the champions. They are not too big and protect effectively thanks to a design pushed. These closed hand protectors will protect you against the impacts of slalom stakes, but also in case of inadvertent pressure on the snow with the hand. They come with stickers in the colors of your favorite nation!

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  • The protection of World Cup riders! Ultra-resistant and comfortable and made entirely of carbon, they provide total protection and unequaled. 42cm high. Very good damping characteristics, optimized sliding angle for the rod stakes.

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  • Designed for speed and fitted with a detachable chin strap, the STIVOT RACE CARBON aerodynamic helmet is ideal for the HEAD World Cup Rebels. This full-shell, lightweight carbon shell helmet meets FIS RH 2013 standards and provides exceptional protection and comfort while minimizing racing noise.

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  • This back protector for children is designed with 2 layers of VPD (Visco-elastic Polymer). This impact-hardening material guarantees excellent shock absorption as well as comfort and lightness. A layer of high density protects the spine and a layer of low density covers the back. This dorsal is ideal for protecting a junior skier comfortably all day long.

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  • The Back Protector Race Vest is our safest back protector. It is lightweight, ventilated and offers supreme protection. Made with a 3D-protector from visco elastic soft foam from SAS-TEC, which makes it soft and comfortable, but with impressive multi-impact shock absorbing properties. The protection pad is 19mm thin and attached with a waistband for...

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  • Our brand new no-compromise race helmet especially designed for speed events. For this helmet we’ve designed a brand new carbon fiber/polyamide shell to create the best combination of elasticity and rigidity. The edge binding is recessed into the shell, and all rivets are hidden to create a slick surface. In addition it has front and rear in-molded Gate...

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  • Quand vous atteignez près de 70 km/h, le mot sécurité prend un tout autre sens. Ce casque Atomic offre une protection exceptionnelle, de 30 % supérieure aux spécifications FIS et aux exigences de la norme RH 2013. La construction en carbone et aramide offre la nouvelle protection en mousse AMID double densité qui garantit une excellente protection contre...

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