The Little Bastard 60l bag

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Some adventures require more packing than others, and the Little bastard 60L lets you bring all the gear you need. Designed as a large cargo room built into a steady roller, this bag is meant to be loaded. Big wheels and a sturdy handle allow for smooth navigation, and the integrated Rib Cage construction makes the bag super lightweight yet maximum protective. Let’s roll!

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This product is no longer in stock

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Details : A lightweight design and smart features makes the Little Bastard 60L super handy to bring around. Little Bastard 60L ensure a smooth roll even on rough grounds, and a sturdy handle makes the bag easy to navigate. But sometimes even a bag needs to be lifted and carried, so a side handle is there for convenience. The Hookup system lets the Hugger fully integrate with the Little Bastard 60L, turning the two products into one single unit. This takes weight off human shoulders and in stead places it over wheels, enabling a lighter travel experience.

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