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Keep your toes and feet warm whether on the slopes, on the soccer field or on your way to work. Simply connect the batteries to the sock cuff, fold it over and you can have heat. The Thermic heating technology provides warm feet in any situation.

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Features :
Functional socks with integrated Therm-ic heating elements and snap fasteners for attaching the PowerSock battery pack.
Polygiene guaranties active odor neutralization.
Ultimate moisture transportation for keeping your feet dry.
Footbed cushioning increases the wear comfort.
The batteries:
The batteries are fasten to the cuff of the sock with snap fasteners.
2 ultralight lithium-ion batteries provide warmth up to 14 hours at the low setting.
The 3 heat levels are adjusted by the push of a button on the batteries or with the remote control.
Remote control; Included is a wireless remote control to operate the heat range on the socks. This is a great convenience because the batteries are located at the top of the calf which is usually under your pants making it hard to adjust manually. The remote control can be stored in a pocket or hang around your neck. And if you loose or forget the remote, you can always operate the batteries manually.
Global charger : The global charger has an automatic charging function with an extremely short charging time. The global charger works in North America and in Europe. The charger also has overcharge protection so you don't over charge your batteries and damage them.

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