AD-01 Skis

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Come discover the ski shop AD-01 Dénériaz Antoine, Olympic downhill champion in 2006.

Handmade in Switzerland by Zai, the Ski AD-01 is a concentrate of innovative materials and highly technical that will help you to understand the feelings Antoine Dénériaz had competition.

One size fits skis : 174 cm

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This product is no longer in stock

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Special skis, exceptional service

Skis Denériaz enjoy the unique service of zai workshops. This service includes a restructuring of the sole, sharpening the edges ... but also polishing the upper surface of skis!

By purchasing these skis, you will receive the package Dénériaz "AD-01":

Skis + bindings
Carbon sticks with leather handles
The first two maintenance offered
Zai 5 years garantie
1 year insurance

Matérials :

Dyneema : This plastic fibre is 60% stronger in relation to its weight than carbon fibre, up to 15 times stronger than steel and extremely light. It even floats on water. Durable and highly resistant to abrasion.

Natural Rubber (upper area) : Vulcanised natural rubber is extremely durable and makes ski surfaces impact- and scratch-resistant. In addition, natural rubber adds to damping.

Protection (higher surface area) : For the upper edges zai exclusively uses corrosion- and acid-resistant steel. These absolutely stainless edges protect the surface of the ski against impact and scratching.

Carbon surrounding the core : Zai uses UD (unidirectional) endless carbon fibres in an uncured thermoset plastic matrix, so-called prepregs. In a pressing process, these are cured by means of high temperatures and pressure. At identical weight, the carbon fibres, compares to glass fibres, resist a multiple of tension. The unidirectional arrangement allows – compared to a fabric – a more targeted influence on the direction of tension.

Core : Cedarwood is very light, holds its shape and is warp resistant. It is of high consistency. zai uses cedar wood for uncompromising weight reduction, even though it’s complex to work with and very expensive. Work-pieces made of bonded cedarwood staves are employed and no split cores made of rotary veneer. Cedarwood is used for ski cores.

Carbon zaiira® (upper area) : The composite material zaiira®, which has been registered by zai, was adapted and developed according to the same principles as innovative materials used in modern aircraft construction. zaiira® is the synthesis of the most modern reinforcing fibres and thermoplastic compound materials. zaiìra® underpins zai’s efforts to improve flexibility and stability while maintaining damping characteristics at a minimal weight.

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