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  • Designed as a merge between roomy duffle bag and smart backpack, it is favored by skiers who bring a lot of training gear to the mountain. The whole bag opens in one single motion, giving easy access to whatever is needed – almost like having your own little cargo container on the mountain. Being twice the size of its brother Hugger 30L, the Hugger 60L...

    174,99 €
  • Step aside please an extraordinary carry-on is coming through. Oozing of style and experience, this jetsetter likes to stand out in the crowd. Its unique unicast abs shell is topped off with a smooth, vacuum-finished coating. Let the 84-millimeter wheels with chrome-plated rims roll your way effortlessly to the lounge where you can bask in the glory of...

    287,88 €
  • Useful and essential, this bottle-belt is adjustable and light. It also has a zip pocket to take a lot of little stuffs with you on slopes

    21,88 €
  • Your digital life is precious, so travel smart with style. This protective laptop case allows you to bring all your daily essentials with you. The Hacker 13'' laptop case comes with the Essentials Case included.

    131,24 €
  • Whether on the road for the race or training, your ski boots want to be protected but also to travel in style. With a volume of 84 liters, the Bootbag Race bag offers enough space for shoes, clothes and snacks. Convenient top compartment with fully zipped closure provides quick access to the main compartment. Your important accessories can be stored in...

    78,74 €
  • Large backpack for competitors and sports representatives co-developed with the Head Racing department. The internal division is flexible to separate the helmet shoes or likely to be stored in order to create a single volume of storage. The front pocket is padded for the sunglasses and two large side pockets are reinforced on the back.

    104,99 €
  • The most thought-through ski and snowboard bag on the market. Combining lightweight design, length-adjustability and smart solutions, The Douchebag has redefined traveling with ski or snowboard gear. Meet our award-winning flagship product. The Douchebag is the most thought-through ski and snowboard bag on the market. If you haven’t tried it – prepare to...

    262,49 €
  • With a huge main compartment, easy access to all your gear and a sturdy construction, The Big Bastard 90L is your loyal travel packhorse. Going away for a long time? Or just going really, really far away? Some adventures require more packing than others, and the Big Bastard 90L lets you bring all the gear you need. Designed as a large cargo room built...

    262,49 €
  • Don’t let your bag get in the way of adventure! Adventure awaits! Introducing a comfortable and durable backpack that feels as much at home in the streets as it does in the mountains. With ski straps and a removable waist strap, take it anywhere and everywhere in comfort and style.

    218,74 €
  • Having a smart backpack as a carry-on is the best. Roomy main compartment and quick access to your travel essentials. Right in the intersection of handy du e bag, durable boot bag and smart backpack, stands the Hugger 30L. This ultimate travel buddy loyally follows you all the way from city life to the mountains. The easily accessible PC pocket combined...

    157,49 €
  • The world´s lightest wheeled ski bag. Bring your skis to the slopes with style and ease. Slim Jim carries a single pair of alpine skis or several pairs of cross-country skis conveniently with length-adjustable technology.

    131,24 €
  • Douchebags brand new Pack Bags with its sleek all-black design and mesh function guarantees organized and stress-free travels while packing and unpacking. Sacrifice nothing and pack everything with two different sized pack bags.

    61,24 €