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WCR E-SL Rebel FIS + FF ST 16 Ski racing pack



The FIS-approved Worldcup Rebels e-SL RD FIS is the secret weapon of slalom aces across the globe. Rapid and stable with gripping edge hold, it performs in a higher gear. Featuring HEAD's new EMC technology, the only electronic dampening system on the market, the e-SL RD FIS provides top-level racers what they need to win - confidence through control. The wood core Worldcup Sandwich Construction is topped with the highly adjustable WCR14 plate. Winners, and those who want to win, here's your match.
Features: EMC Graphene Worldcup Sandwich Construction RD Racing Top Sheet Race Structured High Speed UHM C Base Rebel Camber FIS approved (except 313020) Infra-Red Base Waxing Plate: RACEPLATE WCR 14 Short
  • Ski Level - Expert
  • Racing - Adult Slalom