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WCR E-GS Rebel Pro Masters + FF ST 14 Ski racing pack



The Worldcup Rebels e-GS RD Pro is the ultimate racing machine for masters racers. With a slightly wider waist and shorter turning radius than its e-GS RD siblings, the "Pro" is more versatile in and out of the race course. Featuring HEAD's new EMC technology, the only electronic dampening system on the market, which reduces vibrations and increases stability, the e-GS RD Pro provides a super-smooth, stable ride. Its gorgeously minimized appearance obscures the technology-filled chassis. Simply put: no talk, all action.
Features: EMC Graphene Worldcup Sandwich Construction RD Racing Top Sheet Race Structured High Speed UHM C Base Rebel Camber Infra-Red Base Waxing Plate: RACEPLATE WCR 14 Short
  • Ski Level - Expert
  • Racing - Adult Giant