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Create your custom-made insoles at Snow Emotion

Win in comfort and in precision with soles SIDAS 100 % made in the shape of your feet.

Your foot has its own morphology: there is an infinity of overalls between size, volume and shape; it leaves as fingerprints a unique track. Your foot reacts constantly according to the requests. He can stretch out during sports efforts intense and he move during your life.

Your foot is the base of all your body, it is the essential vector for the preservation and the balance of your body, then it is necessary to take care!


Ski boots, even custom ski boots, do not bring the good support for the arch of the foot. The optimal solution which we propose is to realize custom-made insoles adapted to the anatomy of each for a comfort and a maximal support.


Insoles realized get :

  • Stabilize the foot, insure you a maximal preservation of your ankles / knees / hips.

  • Insure you a better transfer of the power on the tongue of the shoe.

  • Get a maximal comfort and reduce the fatigue.

  • Protect cramps and bulbs.


The heating custom-made insoles:

For more comfort, also discover our custom-made heating insoles. These insoles contain heating elements integrated into the insoles. It is also endowed with an antibacterial treatment, a good drop shot and insures the support of the stability of the foot.