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Léo Lacroix, pioneer of the technological ski

Léo Lacroix always had the concern of the technology and the direction of the progress from its debuts in the competition. To be in connection with its ambitions, he thus has undertook very early to realize its own skis.


At the heart of their home town of Bois d’Amont in Jura, he will create, in the secret of the workshop of his cousin and accomplice, the first technological skis integrating fiberglass.


Its reward will not take a long time to come: these skis will help him to finish at the second position in descent in the Olympics of Innsbruck, in Austria, in 1964, before taking away again the silver medal in the World Championships of 1966 at Portillo, in Chile, for the descent and for the combined competition.


Thanks to these success, both French men then want to create a brand to share their approach of the sport and their culture of the beautiful ski: it will be the birth of the brand Lacroix.


More than fifty years later, the brand Lacroix continues to be recognized and approved by a large majority in France as worldwide.

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